Security Search Plugins for Firefox

One of the things I enjoy most about Firefox is it’s ease of customization. This includes the ability to write search plugins for your favorite sites. This allows you to search your favorite sites just by entering your search phrase in Firefox’s search box. If you have not tried Firefox…you should. It makes a great alternative to Internet Explorer. Click the link below to give it a spin.

There are limitations since the search plugins only support the HTTP Get method, not HTTP Post. This is unfortunate since Post is a popular method of submitting phrases to search mechanisms. Being a self-proclaimed Security Geek (and Firefox user) I’ve written plugins for several security related sites including SecurityFocus, Secunia, OSVDB and others. I’ve also included ones for PacketStorm, CVE, SANS, ISECOM and Help Net Secrity that I did not write but found on the web in various places like Local Area Security. To install the plugins you can either

a. Click on the link below for the plugin you want and it will be installed automatically.


b. Download this Zip and extract the contents to your Firefox searchplugin directory. That directory is here (C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\XXXXXXX.default\searchplugins)

Since we are on the subject of search plugins, there is a good Firefox extension that makes it easy to delete search plugins you no longer want. It’s called SearchPluginHacks and you can get it here. There are also many, many more plugins on the Mozilla site here.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know.

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