Data Leak Prevention

Is Data Leak Prevention the next “big thing” in security?
I experienced first hand the IPS hype cycle working for a vendor, from early commercial products in 2003 to more mainstream adoption in 2006. My NAC vendor experience was shorter but I still was there for the big hype late last year and early this year. Was there a hype for Data Leak Prevention solutions like Vontu, Code Green Networks, Reconnex and GTB? I remember seeing several DLP vendors at RSA this year.

From a vendor standpoint (where I am now), I am seeing a big jump in awareness of DLP technology in our customer base. Granted we focus on the mid-market….there may be even more awareness in the Fortune 1000 and up. The sales are starting to trickle in for this technology as well.

We are also seeing M&A activity in this space. RSA recently acquired Tablus. This is a natural extension given the information life cycle management offerings that EMC (RSA’s parent company) is selling.

So my question remains, Is DLP the next big security technology? Will it follow in the footsteps of IPS and NAC?

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